Eliminate back pain and use your computer comfortably from your favorite chair!

Does using your computer cause you pain?

Recliner Workstation
The first Recliner Workstation, created by Macintosh programmer Jean Tantra. A side table holds the track ball and mouse.

Are problems with back pain, wrist pain, shoulder pain causing problems at work, even threatening your job?

As time goes on, are those problems getting worse?

Have you tried everything -- pads, pillows, expensive "ergonomic" chairs, chiropractic treatments, even braces or surgery -- with no success?

Would you love to be comfortable?

Now think about this for a moment. When you come home at the end of the day, where do you go to relax?

Your favorite chair, right?

So why not compute there?

If you go to that chair to get comfortable, why not stay comfortable, and simply eliminate the problems that come from using a regular computer desk and chair?

That's the Recliner Workstation™!

How it works

The Recliner Workstation suspends one or more monitors (or flat-panel computers) over your favorite recliner chair so you can compute comfortably.

The keyboard goes in your lap. Use any side table at a comfortable height to hold your mouse or trackball.

That's right: You can compute right from your recliner chair. Vary your working position, even put your feet up, and keep right on working, web surfing, watching videos, or gaming. (The Recliner Workstation is great for gaming in comfort!)

Designed by a computer programmer

Professional Macintosh programmer Jean Tantra spent years in front of computers -- all day, every day. He developed agonizing wrist and back problems. Back braces, wrist braces, heating pads and cold packs, support cushions, and ergonomic chairs helped some ... but not enough.

Spending up to 15 hours a day in front of a computer, six or seven days a week, put him in so much pain that for two years he ended up programming flat on his back in bed.

But spending all day in bed, then sleeping there too, meant he spent way too much time in one place and more or less the same position.

While not working, sleeping, or exercising, Jean liked to relax in his favorite La-Z-Boy recliner chair.

If only I could compute here! he thought. If the computer was suspended in front of me, I could work in comfort.

And thus the Recliner Workstation was born.

How did it work? Jean's back pain virtually disappeared, his wrist problems are much less, and he is comfortable while he works. His housemate loves the Workstation, and uses it for photo editing.

For people who use computers all day, every day

The Recliner Workstation is designed to be easy and pleasant to use.

Because each monitor is suspended on a swinging wall-mount arms, the screen can be adjusted to point directly toward you, and also tilted for the best viewing angle. Monitor height adjusts at 1.5-inch (38 mm) increments.

The Workstation's frame is made of modular gridbeam, so you can easily add a variety of accessories or ever customize the frame itself. Bolt on surge protectors, outlet strips, and other accessories wherever you want them, using ordinary hardware. Customize your Workstation to fit precisely the way you work!

To get in and out of the chair, stand up and move to the side. It's not usually necessary to move the monitor(s) to get up. If you need to move them, either swivel them out of the way, or roll the Workstation slightly away from the chair.

How many monitors?

Multi-monitor Recliner Workstation
The multi-monitor Recliner Workstation can hold up to four 30-inch monitors or iMacs. Locking casters let you reposition it easily.

The single-post Recliner Workstation fits on one side of your chair. It can hold 1 or 2 monitors or flat-panel computers such as the iMac, one above the other.

The multi-monitor Recliner Workstation sits in front of your chair and holds up to 4 screens 30 inches wide.

It's super-strong!

Made of the same aircraft aluminum used to build electric vehicle frames, the Workstation is extremely strong, knocks flat for storage or moving, and is completely reusable.

Unlike the cheap ready-to-assemble furniture you buy at places like Ikea and Office Depot (which often disintegrates after being taken apart just once or twice) your Recliner Workstation will last a lifetime, and can be disassembled and reassembled as many times as you want.

The Workstation's frame assembles (or disassembles) in a few minutes, using two wrenches and ordinary bolts. And because it's built with modular grid beam framing, it's easy to upgrade for the next big advance in computing technology.

How do I get a Recliner Workstation?

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Recliner Workstation -- work from the chair where you're comfortable, and stay pain-free all day long.

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